Update BIOS under Linux on the Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015)

I bought Dell XPS 13 9343 last month. The troubles keep coming since then: many applications seem too small in HiDPI screen; installing Linux on it seems quite inconvenient; many hardware drivers aren’t stable… However, when I’m searching the easy way to install Ubuntu on XPS 13, I found HGDEV, a blog with many good articles about XPS 13. If you own a XPS 13, and want to use Ubuntu, I’m sure you’ll like this blog. Here I share a blog about BIOS update.

BIOS update are important, you know that. Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015) receive them frequently with an always interesting change-log.

However Dell BIOS update file is shipped as an exe file. Too bad if you use Linux… But in fact it is fairly simple to install BIOS update under Linux on the Dell XPS 13 9343 without have to boot Windows.

First of all download the latest BIOS update of the Dell website.

Simply copy the 9343_BIOS_Rev_A0X.exe file to your EFI partition /boot/efi :

sudo cp /home/hugo/Downloads/9343_BIOS_Rev_A05.exe /boot/efi/

Then reboot your computer to the BIOS menu by pressing F12 when the Dell Logo is displayed. Select “Bios Flash Update” and the update will be installed.

Hope this will help somes.

2 responses on “Update BIOS under Linux on the Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015)

  1. jorge

    the bios executable have the format .exe but doesnt work in the usb live. when the bios executable opened with zip program there are many files, but for me the main are for example :




    What is the bios file in that case?
    Could you help me, pls?

    ps: sorry, my English isnt good.

    1. yuhc
      I didn’t try to open it with zip programs. But I think it’s either isflash or ME. Ubuntu Live stores the files in memory or in usb disk (depends on the configuration you used when installing). If the files are stored in usb disk, I think it’ll be fine to update BIOS through it.

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