Sort of ICDM2014 Regular Papers

A coarse sort of papers in ICDE 2014 mainly based on their titles and abstracts. Some papers belong to different categories.

  • Relevant Contents
    DM207 (Log-linear Analysis, Conditional Dependency), DM222 (Cross-modal Data)
  • Data Streams Analysis
    DM229 (Co-evolving, HMM), DM403 (Time Series Join)
  • Structure Learning
    DM255 (Lasso+)
  • Uncertain
    DM263 (Trajectory, Partial Observation), DM275 (Multi-label, Visual Mining)
  • Representation Learning
    DM264 (RBM++)
  • Prediction
    DM362 (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), DM397 (Heterogeneous Collective Link)
  • Regression
    DM431 (Sparse Quantile Regression)
  • Dimension Reduction
    DM248 (Spectral Embedding+)
  • Entity Detection
    DM433 (Randomized)
  • Clustering
    DM452 (Subspace), DM (Past Similar, Hidden Markov Random Field)
  • Feature Selection
    DM249 (Noise-Resistant), DM261 (LDA+, Contentious Text Mining), DM267 (Multi-view Learning), DM459 (Online), DM463 (Multi-view Learning, Subspace), DM154 (Core Finding), DM749 (Mobility Relationship), DM764 (Mobility Pattern), DM821 (Spatiotemporal Social Contact)
  • Recommendation
    DM462 (Differential Privacy), DM508 (Similarity Learning), DM560 (k-Nearest-Neighbors, Real Time), DM669 (Low-rank, Top K)
  • Text Mining
    DM465 (Matrix Factorization), DM896 (Technology Prospecting, Patent)
  • Anomaly Detection
    DM270 (Spam), DM300 (Traffic Flow), DM474 (Streaming Data, Density), DM566 (Credibility Evaluation), DM604 (Poisson), DM923 (Traffic Congestion, Markov Random Fields)
  • Classification
    DM254 (Time Series), DM317 (Time Series, Subsequence Patterns), DM351 (Multi-label), DM353 (Cost-Sensitive), DM383 (SVM, Dynamic Graph), DM488 (Streaming Networks), DM694 (Multi-view Learning), DM706 (Early Classification, Ongoing Observation), DM767 (Time Series), DM786 (Sequential Pattern),
  • Distance Metric Learning
    DM577 (Rank)
  • Matrix Factorization
    DM282, DM701, DM883 (Collaborative Prediction)
  • Relational Machine Learning
    DM804 (Expectation Maximization+)

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